Podcast #238: Neil Tyra

In this episode with Neil Tyra, we talk about the difference between being an entrepreneur and being a lawyer, all the things they didn’t teach you in law school, and some of the mistakes Neil made along the way in his practice that helped him grow. We also talk about real estate planning, the prospects of that practice area, and Neil’s podcast, The Law Entrepreneur podcast. 

Neil Tyra

Neil Tyra

Neil Tyra is a solo practitioner attorney in the Washington DC area focusing on estate planning. As a former technology geek, the law is his fourth career, he leverages technology to provide value to his clients and streamline the delivery of legal services. Neil is also the creator and host of the popular legal podcast, The Law Entrepreneur, which seeks to answer the question “what they didn’t teach us about running a business in law school”. He is the proud father of an actress daughter in Hollywood, a mathematician programmer in San Diego, and his wife, Noel, of nearly 38 years.

You can follow Neil on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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Show Notes

Check out Neil’s podcast, The Law Entrepreneur Podcast. 


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Last updated August 21st, 2019.

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